My FLR 11 – Too much to handle

After My fantastic lesbian adventure I’ve told My slave the whole story, including many details. I was comfortably sitting on the sofa while he was kneeling in front of Me. As I was describing all the fun I had My slave’s mouth was literally wide open, his eyes piercing Me with awe and his little clitty jumping up and down in it’s cage. ๐Ÿ™‚

After the story time My slave was begging Me to be able to masturbate. I thought it was quite unbelievable how universal some of the male’s reactions truly are! I recalled reading a similar story on wonderful Mistress Scarlet’s blog long time ago. I believe after She had sex with Her slave-girl Lexi She described it to bitch-boy who then started begging for exactly the same privilege. When I looked at My slave all I could see was a hopeless little boy filled with loads of horniness, and with a pathetic attempt to have an erection in it’s cage. “Please, Mistress, please!” – he continued while being barely able to speak properly because of his heavy breathing. “Ohh, was that story too much to handle for My little horny boy?”

-“Yes, Mistress! You are too divine!”

-“you know what? I will let you masturbate.”

-“Oh, Mistress!! Thank You so much!”

I told him to bring the lube and so he did. he handled it to Me while holding it on top of his both hands – like it would be some divine object. ๐Ÿ˜€ I found it very funny, grabbed the tube and squeezed some of that lube on his hands. At this point he was so excited he didn’t even think straight. It didn’t occur to him at any point that the key to his chastity was still dangling between My breasts and his clitty is securely locked away. I ordered him: “Now slave, put a good show for Me! Show Me what you got!”. My slave was absolutely lost – he was kneeling with his hand full of lube and his dickie locked up. I just burst in laughter. ๐Ÿ˜€ “GO on, slave!” – he finally started stroking his locked dick. “Pp… ppp… Please, Mistress! Please, unlock me!”. I ignored his begging, then he stopped stroking.

-“Did I told you to stop?!”

-“No, Mistress, sorry Mistress!” – and he continued to look absolutely ridiculous!

At this point I started to read My book and ignore him completely. he continued to beg Me while making a clown out of himself right in front of Me by stroking his locked clitty. “Please, Mistress, I beg You Goddess!”. Eventually I looked him deeply in his eyes and said very coldly: “No.” and immediately got back to reading. He knows very well that “No” means “No” and when said so firmly there is no more discussion. Or there will be an unpleasant punishment.

After a while of stroking the plastic I think he was getting somewhere, judging by the intensity of his moans. Whatever all that was about it got aggressively interrupted when he decided to just grab My calf. “Did I say that you can touch Me!?!” – I yelled. I didn’t even give him a chance to answer, I ordered him to go immediately under the cold shower and go to his slave bed. NOW. <Yes, you better don’t mess with a Woman who’s period is coming very soon! ๐Ÿ™‚ > When he was rushing to do his thing I reminded him: “you better be nicely tucked in in your bed when I will come to inspect you!”.

The night came pretty quickly and I was getting very sleepy. On My way to My bedroom I’ve decided to check on My slave boy. I’ve opened the door very quietly so I won’t wake him up and he won’t have a chance to pretend that he is being good in case if he’s not doing what he was told to do. Luckily for him he was very nicely tucked in, sleeping like a baby! ๐Ÿ™‚ I fell asleep couple of minutes after on My comfy matrimonial bed.

The very next morning when My slave was brining Me breakfast he confessed that he made a big mess. Apparently as soon as he woke up he found out that he had a massive wet-dream. Everything was very sticky and he had to clean all the bed sheets. I smiled at him and said: “See, it is so much more secure when you sleep there. I don’t have to worry about any of those messy accidents that you can’t control. I’m also very happy that the nature takes care of your problems and drains all those juices out of you without Me going through any of the trouble. That way I don’t even have to remove your cage, ever!” ๐Ÿ™‚ Needless to say My slave was terrified! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mistress Rebecca


5 thoughts on “My FLR 11 – Too much to handle

  1. Wet Dreams are perfect for boys kept in chastity because they are not something a boy gets pleasure out of. It happens while he’s asleep, and he wakes up with the crusty remains. His body has betrayed him, and humiliated him. Perfect. There is no feeling of release, or feelings of pleasure. Just the shame of having spooged in his cage. The only thing that makes it even better is if the boy is locked in chastity, and has to ask to be released so he can clean his penis prison. Oh, the humiliation!

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    1. Agree! ๐Ÿ™‚ And he did have to ask Me to clean him – I used My famous “spongy-glove” with hot water. This type of cleaning is very scratchy so leaves his clitty red. I was done in less than one minute and the cage went immediately back on.


  2. I can only imagine how very terrified he must have been when You suggested You might never have to remove his cage again, Maโ€™am! Youโ€™ve already made clear that he will NEVER fuck again, so believing that he may never have another full orgasm might not be too far of a stretch!

    Thank You for sharing Your wonderful blog Mistress Rebecca…



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  3. “My comfy matrimonial bed” – what a laugh! You two are a fake couple perverting the true meaning of marriage. So sad.


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