Red, long nails

Such a simple thing: growing your nails and painting them red. And yet they give such a power! I don’t know what it is and how to explain it. One thing is sure: we both have a huge fetish for red, long nails. Not too long, just long enough; nothing fancy, just plain red. And oh yes, very shiny red, nicely polished! πŸ™‚


Sometimes more spiky, sometimes squarish – depending on the mood. They make Me feel so special – elegant and diabolic at the same time. They feel a little bit like a weapon attached to Me and at any moment I can scratch My slave’s delicate parts of his body. It turns Me even more knowing how much he loves them too, and how submissive they make him feel. When he kneels helplessly in front of Me, holding a tray with My drink and snacks, he looks at the nails. Those beautiful shiny nails attached to his Mistress’ hands that have so much power over his life. They grab a drink, they fix My wonderful hair, they push buttons on the remote control. Any time they can attack – slap his miserable face, pinch him or squeeze his purple balls. They can also show the middle finger to accentuate how little I care about his needs. Or worse, they can point a different finger to order him to get out of the room, so he can no longer enjoy the presence of his Goddess.

But sometimes they can be a little bit nicer and more playful – they can use their devil-red nails to knock on his plastic cage. “Ohhh, poor little clitty. All locked up, missing all the fun!”. I can even give him a stroke or two – his caged dickie gets an immediate compressed “erection” when seeing My hot nails so close to it! πŸ™‚

Mistress Rebecca


4 thoughts on “Red, long nails

  1. Mistress, I really hope I won’t offend you by going too far with the complements. I just really don’t know if there is any other Mistress as fabulous as YOU! I really mean it! Your mind is so incredibly sexy! I have been stalking this blog for a while and each time You express Yourself my mind just explodes!!

    I also love the red long nails VERY VERY MUCH. If I may, Mistress, I will put one thing out of the way. My cock is very tiny and it always caused me loads of troubles to be with any Woman. Very self-conscious, never managed to lose my virginity. Female Led Relationship was the only natural path for me. I had one serious relationship with a wonderful Female who would stroke my tiny pecker with Her amazing thumb and index finger. That was the best sex of my life. I would cum really hard. Unfortunately my Lady never wanted to grow Her nails nor paint them red. I felt that if only she would do that I wouldn’t even bother to lose my virginity. I would be so happy to be stroked by her fingers for the rest of my life if only She would have those amazing polished red long nails!!! I would do ANYTHING for them.

    With respect and regards,
    slave Caratren


  2. It seems inexplicable, I remember vividly how once when I was in love with a woman, she had painted her nails bright red when we met-up. I held my breath and my heart stopped a beat as she flashed those beautiful red nails. I was kinda surprised at my own reaction to this.
    It goes to show what an incredible primeval power there is to be had in colors.

    Usually I like woman with a more natural look, but one thing I am very fond of and that is nail-polish, of any color really, but especially red or soft pink.


    1. Well, equally inexplicably it turns Me on too. πŸ˜‰ Having them and seeing them on Me, knowing how much power they have over My slave… I wonder why is it that deep in our primitive instincts red is so powerful. It’s on our (Females’) lips as well.

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