My FLR 12 – Lesbian life

Things are moving SOOO fast in our relationship now. About 2 months ago I have started this blog. That was due to the fact that I have recently (at that time) made My slave a BAV. I wanted to share the good news with the world! πŸ™‚ Before his Born Again Virgin status has become official he did not get to fuck Me for 100 days. Today is about 170th day of his new, Pussy-free lifestyle. And yet again the misery only gets more intense, the amount of restrictions doubles and triples! πŸ™‚

Me and M. (I don’t want to use her full name in here) are officially girlfriends now. Our relationship is mainly vanilla, we practice so-called “college lesbian life”. πŸ™‚ We chill together a lot, go places, and have lots of sex. And sex with her is amazing! πŸ™‚ She is not like some of the lesbians that I know who basically speaking act like a man. She likes to be violently handled by a dominant Female like Myself and she loves eating Pussy. A perfect match for Me! πŸ˜‰

At this point My slave has become more useless than ever. I rarely need him for sexual services and I didn’t let him get any pleasure for quite some time now. I announced that from now on this will be the norm at the house. “We may become exclusive lovers – that means that I will not need your tongue service as often” I said. The amount of sadness and misery on his face was indescribable!

Mistress Rebecca


13 thoughts on “My FLR 12 – Lesbian life

  1. Being so close to living the dream life, the only thing between his pure misery and unbelievable bliss is your daunting determination to make him suffer it so.

    I don’t know how one is supposed to handle that, I guess best option for him is to fall in some sort of illusion that maybe, perhaps one day, you will let him cross the boundary from hell into heaven.

    I feel for your husband though, I’m not sure you realize exactly how excruciating it must be πŸ˜‰

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    1. I make very clear to My slave that any hope for crossing the boundary is indeed his illusion as it will absolutely NEVER happen.

      “don’t know how one is supposed to handle that”
      Well, you have just answered that yourself with: “the only thing between his pure misery and unbelievable bliss is your daunting determination to make him suffer it so.” πŸ˜‰ My determination and whims are the only things that keep him motivated and happy. My happiness is everything for him, he doesn’t has his own.

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  2. Oh so cruel…must be so crushing for your slave and yet so thrilling and exciting for you and your subbie lesbian girlfriend…

    Relegated to domestic drudgery in service to his Mistress and lover….and denied all pleasure….

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  3. Ms Rebecca. Agree 100%, the more misery put towards your subby can only increase Your Pleasure. Being You just started essentially, the potential for this to become the absolute accepted norm will surly add to subby’s deeper suffering of not going back and then realizing it is endless, day after day. So Erotic, YOU deserve it

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  4. It must be so hard on your subby to hear, at least some sounds of activity overhead, while being “put away ” in the basement. If this was me, i know that not knowing what is or is not going on , would just add to my frustration. You could always tease him with setting up an intetcom, that allows for subby to listen, at times…

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    1. Being in the basement you can barely hear anything from the house. The only thing you could potentially hear are loud screams. And that’s what really frustrating for My slave: he can not hear any dialog between Me and My girlfriend, he has no idea what’s going on, the only exceptions are the orgasms: whenever he hears loud screams he knows that his beloved Mistress just received one without him even being present. Or that his Mistress just gave a wonderful orgasm to her girlfriend, while not giving him any for quite some time. πŸ˜‰


  5. Mistress Rebecca, I’m sure that the wonderful Mistress Scarlett would have liked to have recorded the exact date to birch boys born again virgin status, as your slaves pussy free lifestyle is more recent, have you considered making a permanent recording of the happy event, as diaries can get lost in future years and data also, have you considered a tattoo on his penis stating the actual date his clarity last penetrated ,I’m sure that your slave would appreciate this permanent reminder of his clarity redundancy.

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  6. Good day Mistress Rebecca…reading this, especially at the end, I felt sad for Your slave…he has submissively accepted his BAV status , but the suggestion that his tongue may become obsolete must have broken his heart…I suppose I’m experiencing the type of empathy one slave feels for another!

    Most respectfully,



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