My FLR 13 – So, so unfair!

Unfair from My slave’s perspective, of course. Each morning he gets to see My unbelievably curvy body that whispers into his ears “play with Me!”. But he can’t, his Mistress needs his non-sexual services. Breakfast, cleaning the bed, doing the laundry, and after eating the scraps his Mistress left him – doing the dishes. Pure misery, away from the view that makes him so excited.

This weekend My girlfriend was coming over. As oppose to Myself, she really loves being penetrated. This time in particular she felt a strong need to be properly fucked. I wanted to make sure that I will give it to her good – all that she deserves. 😉

After our regular morning routine at home I prepared My “fucking suit”, consisting of My favorite black rubber clothes and, obviously, of a strap-on. I ordered My slave to kneel on the floor in My bedroom while I prepare. Let him see his Mistress in all Her glory, struggling to squeeze into the latex. 😉 The view was very overwhelming for My little bitch – he was just obsessively staring and drooling. 🙂 I then gave him a cloth and a latex shine and said: “Shine Me up, bitch. But don’t you dare to touch Me with anything else other than the cloth! This amazing body is reserved for someone else.”

It is so funny how slave tries to give his eyes a little bit of extra pleasure every time he shines Me. The rubber is usually shiny enough after one wipe. BUT not at the butt cheeks and tits area! There it needs to be wiped at least 5 times. 😀 And whenever I ask a slave “why is it taking so long there?” he tries to make excuses that it’s still not shiny enough. Oh well, I’ll let him have that tiny pleasure. 😉

This time it was not only about My rubber, however. My strap-on needed attention as well, so I ordered My slave to grab a condom and put it on using his mouth. While he was doing so I told him:

“This dick is about to get some real action. It will penetrate a young, tight Pussy. Something that your dick will NEVER do!”


Tears appeared in his eyes immediately. I ordered him to suck it a little bit before I go and fuck My girlfriend.

-“Ohhh, life is sooo unfair! My fake rubber dick has a better sex life than your miserable clitty! All locked up, can’t even get hard. And will never, EVER experience what this dick is experiencing now and what is about to experience!”

slave started crying, while still eagerly sucking on My dildo. All that sucking made him excited too, I could see a compressed “erection” in the plastic cage. 😉

-“That’s enough of it! Kiss the tip of My dick! Now… I believe you have a bathroom to clean. When I’m done violating My girlfriend I want to see the whole bathtub scrubbed and everything else perfectly shiny. Understood?”

-“Yes, Mistress!”

I pointed My finger to the bathroom, after he went inside I closed the door and left downstairs where M. was waiting – very wet and horny! 😉

Mistress Rebecca


21 thoughts on “My FLR 13 – So, so unfair!

  1. Has your slave ever penetrated a woman? I know he has not fucked you though he would love to of course. But before he knew it, did he ever have a chance to enter a woman with his cock?

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    1. Yes he did. Note that he is a “Born Again Virgin”, meaning that in the past he managed to lose it, somehow. 😉 I invite you to read My older posts where I introduce My whole relationship and go into detail how it was not always like that. 😉

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  2. Also… I do have a suggestion: maybe you should allow your slave to enter your girlfriend, but ONLY for 5 seconds–and I really mean 5 seconds! This will give him an oh so short-lasting taste of all that he is missing. Such a totally incomplete experience will then haunt him for days if not weeks and maybe even months.

    Of course he would then have to be immediately put back into his cock cage so that he not masturbate and come. His suffering would be delicious to you, I am sure.

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      1. Oh! Mistress Rebecca…Your final words here…”not even a fleshlight” makes clear how very dire his situation is. Not only will he not be penetrating a Woman’s vagina ever again, but he will not be penetrating anything EVER…his situation is entirely hopeless…he’s left to rely on Your small mercies for the little pleasure he’ll be allowed…so appropriate though.

        In humble respect,



  3. Love the continued Domination , and your subby’s misery. So erotic , and the Pleasure You achieve from it. Our readers would like to know more on what his thoughts are , when he is tucked away, out of sight , in the basement. From a slave who has some level of experience with cuckolding, I found the unknown ( what is happening ) would put me so so deep into subspace.

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    1. Well, for now My slave is not allowed to talk about anything that has to do with our relationship (except with Me, of course). I may consider giving him a special permission to either express himself here on this blog or to answer some questions from the readers.

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  4. Dear Mistress Rebecca. curtsy.

    I can relate to your slaves chastity. This past Friday I spent the entire day cleaning my Mistresses home. In between cleaning I also served Mistress Gypsy lunch and tended to her other wants. When Mistress Bella return from work I was instructed to change out of my yellow maids uniform so to model a new completely sissy red uniform and serve drinks and snacks. Mistress Bella also walked me around the home to point out chores that she wants done this week while she is at work.

    During the next couple of hours I served drinks and kept my self busy spot cleaning as they talked, sometimes about me, and cuddled on the couch. It was about 8 o’clock when I was dismissed. When I returned in my street clothes their heavier petting made it clear that are very much in love with each other and desire. I was told to kiss both of their feet, Mistress Gypsy’s high heels and Mistress Bella’s funny socks and sent on my way.

    At one one in the morning I got a text from Mistress Gypsy. She thanked me for a day well served and added, ” Mistress Bella and I had a wonderful love making experience after you left. We also had a giggle over your chastity. Have a wonderful weekend fifi doll”.

    Even as I sit here, now, and picture them enjoying their privileges I can only swell as far as my pink Holy Trainer chastity will allow, not so much.

    Thank you Mistress Rebecca for the privilege to write on your blog.

    With respect and a curtsy, fifi

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  5. hello Mistress my name is slave caged, slave is owned and fully controlled by Mistress Goddess Alanna D’orr. slave met his Goddess on facebook, actually Goddess picked slave about a week before the new year of 2015. Goddess enslaved slave caged on 1 / 4 / 2015 and locked slave in chastity on 2 / 3 / 2015.
    slave has found that it has fallen in love with it’s Goddess and has surrendered itself mind, body and soul to Goddess total and absolute control of it’s entire life.
    slave wishes to live the life of a total slave forever with Mistress Goddess Alanna D’orr.
    slave would sincerely appreciate any and all advice Mistress can help slave with to be a better slave is highly appreciated.

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  6. Oh my! A slave’s life…obviously so very frustrating, and yet he is granted a very great privilege in being permitted to polish Your latex and suck Your “dick” to prepare it to penetrate Your lover.

    You’ve pointed out that this artificial penis gets more action than he will ever enjoy…it seems that Your artificial cock is indeed his superior!

    Humble and respectful curtsy,


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