My slave’s perspective

Couple of people have asked Me about My slave’s perspective on what’s going on in our lives. I don’t allow him to talk about our relationship with anyone besides Me, but since today is Thanksgiving I may be generous. 😉 I may consider giving him a special permission to hop one day on My blog and answer some questions from the readers. I just don’t know yet what shape should it take. Suggestions are welcomed in here! 🙂


17 thoughts on “My slave’s perspective

  1. Mistress Rebecca allowing your sub to comment on how he views your relationship will help both MASTERs and sub’s who follow your blogs and info to gain a better way to improve their D/s relationship. Information is good more information is better. You allowing your sub to place his comments where they can be reviewed will allow those of us sub’s newer to the life to better submit and serve our MASTERs. You must review them first for overall content but unless blantlently obscene or revealing of extremely personal info you should not edit them for content maybe for spelling but content as your sub sees/feels it is the most important thing for all of us that follow your teachings.

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    1. Me editing someone’s writing for spelling is not the best idea as I tend to have problems with that Myself (slight case of dyslexia 😉 ).

      My main question is: what would be the best way to let My slave answer some of the questions all at once? I don’t want him to get too comfortable in here, for now I’m planning to allow him to write just one post and that’s it.

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      1. It would be interesting to hear his take on your new female relationship — how it effects him mentally. I’d also like to know how he feels about your dynamic overall, what he would change, what he loves the most, etc..

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  2. Good evening.

    I would be fascinated to know how your slave feels he has developed as a person in his devoted servitude to you.

    He has obviously given up all control over his life and while that may be scary and difficult to comprehend for many I’m sure he will feel a great sense of achievement in fulfilling your needs both emotionally and sexually.

    Is there anything he hates so much doing he would change his decision prior to making his commitment to you for example.

    I think his perspective would be good to know. Of course it’s all irrelevant in the long term as we all know women are superior creatures to be adored and if it takes great pain and humiliation to fulfill them….so be it..

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      1. I think the psychology of your relationship fascinating. As such I would like to ask the following.
        1 when experiencing pain does the fact you know your Mistress is gaining sexual pleasure from that allow you to take more than you ever thought possible.

        2 when in bondage and uncomfortable do you envision your Mistress happy and does that mitigate the experience so you can relax and endure more than you ever could before.

        3 when colouring in your books dressed as dolly does the humiliation underline the utter control Mistress has over you.

        Thanks for your time.


  3. Mistress Rebecca:

    Here are some questions from me, a sissy, who is owned by a Mistress but (sadly!) not to the degree that You control your slave. Since You are in control and Your slave clearly does not have any free will, I will humbly direct the questions to You.

    — Anya

    Are You planning on feminizing your Slave?
    If you have no sexual use for Your slave would you consider arranging for a Master to use it?
    Does Your slave have Sissygasms?
    Do You publicly humiliate Your slave?
    Would you ever free Your slave?

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  4. I’m curious about the BAV component of your training. I haven’t had an orgasm in over 10 months and have almost 14 months to go before I am eligible for one (Jan 9, 2019), But I am allowed to penetrate my Queen in the interest of giving her pleasure. To be denied that simple pleasure would be a terrible thing. Does he regret giving you that power?

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      1. Well so far so good! Today makes 322 days with 410 to go! I use a LOT of stud 100. And I work very hard not to cum. Very hard. I don’t want to disappoint my Queen! It hasn’t been easy but I haven’t cum since last January 7th. That day I wasn’t supposed to cum and I did. This is why I was told I couldn’t cum again for a year. Then I lost my wager—which doubled my time to two years! I am trying my best to honour that but still please my Wife and Queen! Stud 100 advises you to use three sprays. I probably use 15-20 sprays every time we make love—maybe more! I have to give it time to work too!! To avoid frustrating my Queen I try and anticipate when we might have sex and ready Angus ahead of time. When my Queen wants to go she doesn’t want to wait! This is another reason why I go through so much Stud 100! There’s only about 100 sprays per tube. Currently I have 7 spray cans of Stud 100 in the house. I go through a can or two every couple of weeks!

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