Questions to My slave

Direct here all the questions or topics you want My slave to address. I will give him a special permission to do so in couple of days (perhaps the next weekend) and I will make sure that he will do a good job. 😉

Remember that this is not a Q&A. My slave will write here only once. After this I’m not planning to grant him this permission ever again.


30 thoughts on “Questions to My slave

  1. Thanks Rebecca for providing your readers with such fair and open transparency in the matter. A very helpful blog…. not just for your slave no doubt.


      1. I apologize Mistress Rebecca. Sincerely. I didn’t mean to be so rude and thoughtless. Sorry Mistress Rebecca. I will not do that again


      2. I have continually been rude all throughout your blog Mistress Rebecca. I am so sorry. Thank you for letting me know though really I should think sometimes…
        Thanks again and good luck this week Mistress Rebecca 🍏


  2. This is not a topic for me so much but I know a few fellow bloggers that are newer to the lifestyle that get a bit freaked out by some the content here. I have assured them that the slave is likely very happy and fulfilled, even if many of the events may cause him anguish “in the moment.” A suggestion would be that some readers might find it helpful to get his own words on his happiness and fulfillment from the relationship.

    Take care.

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  3. To Mistress Rebecca’s slave : Have you truly accepted your permanent Born Again Virgin status or do you still hold onto some slim hope that one day your Mistress will relent and allow you to experience sex like a real man again? If you have accepted your BAV status then how do you go about satisfying your desire for pleasure?

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  4. If he is going to be speaking to all of us then I would like to ask him what would he like to publicly state about his commitment to you and what can he tell us all about his plans to improve (and in what areas) for you?
    Let’s face it, an exercise like this should still only further and continue to serve the original directive.

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  5. Thank you Mistress Rebecca

    To Mistress Rebecca’s slave:

    What chastity device are you kept in and has it ever been ‘upgraded’ to a smaller version?
    Are you aware of Ms Scarlet and her BB and all the lovely CBT he experiences – if so how does this make you feel? Which would you fear the most?
    What are your worse menial chores you have to do?
    Have you ever been kept denied so long, you have ended up having a wet-dream?
    Do you realise how lucky you are?
    What’s it like being fed on scraps? Does this ever change to pet food if you have been unpleasing?

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  6. Hello Mrs. Rebecca’ husband/slave, I hope you’re willing to answer the following questions:

    – Do you ever regret bringing this life-style to the attention of your wife, I assume it has developed beyond what you had expected and perhaps hoped for?
    – How fulfilled is your life as it is right now, what things do you strife for on a personal level aside from your relationship with your wife and how does this relationship impact these goals?
    – What do you dislike the most about the current status and the punishments you endure?
    – Which punishments or treatments do you ‘enjoy’ the most? What do you love the most about how Mrs. Rebecca treats you.
    – What do you usually think about when you are in solitary bondaged? How do you keep yourself entertained?
    – If you could be in fantasy land and decide every aspect of this relationship yourself, what would it look like?
    – Aside from penetrating your wife, what would you really want to happen in this relationship?
    – And finally, do you need me to call husband protection services for you? 😉

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  7. Mistress Rebecca, I admire you very much and your lines are truly hot, your delicious toughts and your point of view have been letting me understand what a Dominant Woman likes about an FLR relationship, and that has been helping me in my relationship as my Wife’s slave.

    I would like to ask some questions to your slave about his perspective, basicly I would ask him his thoughts about the chapters you have wrote, specially:
    1) How he manages the frustration and how he overcomes the extreme urgency to feel pleasure at least, when his Mistress submits him in those (hot) situations like the one when She didnt let him remove the chastity device to stroke him self ? How did him achieve to go to sleep after such a “heavy” experience?

    2) How he manages the time to rest and “relax”

    3) How often do you feel pleasure or orgasm?
    4) How you manage to hold between releases and opportunities to feel at least pleasure?


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  8. Dear Mistress Rebecca, thank you very much for your wonderful blog. Everything you are writing is truly inspiring.

    The following would be my questions to your slave Justin. They are coming more from a practical point of view, let’s just say they concern issues I am sometimes dealing/struggling with in my FLR:

    1. Do you have (had) any training for your domestic skills, e.g. massage, cleaning or cooking courses?
    2. On a scale from 1 to 10 how close are you to living up to your Mistress’ standards regarding your dmoestic chores?
    3. Is there any chore you particularly like or dislike?
    4. Has Mistress put you on a strict diet and if so what does that look like? Is there anythin you are not (ever) allowed to eat or drink?
    5. What happens when you’re sick (say caught a cold or the flu)? Are you allowed a break or do you have to keep up with all your chores?
    6. What does the basement look like, that you are sometimes put in?
    7. What would it mean to you if your Mistress never used you for your sexual services again (e.g. because she can have that satisfaction from her Lesbian or another male lover)?
    8. If there was one BDSM activity you could ask your Mistress to engage in (one she is currently not engaging in) which one would that be?

    Thank you very much,

    slave daniel (from Germany)

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  9. My question is about denial and chastity. Why do you do it? If you don’t like sex you don’t have to have it. What is the point of being in a relationship with a woman without sex?

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  10. Dear Mistress Rebecca I would like to ask your ‘Pansy-Piece’ which of your two recently started Female Friendships he regrets the most,& which if he had the choice would he most like to see stop.Is he more jealous that ‘M’ has taken his place in your bed or would he like to see her stay there if it meant that the visits from Mistress Scarlet (& all that that entails) would stop. On the subject of Mistress Scarlet what were his thoughts & feelings during & after Her first visit & is he looking forward to Her being able to stay much longer on future Visits.

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  11. Questions to Mistress Rebecca’s slave:
    1) which behaviour of your mistress do you like most?
    2) what does attract you?
    3) what does fulfil your slave life?
    4) what would you change in your slave life, if you could?
    5) what does pain and humiliation mean to you?
    6) what are your goals/wishes in your slave life, if any?
    7) what is the hardest you have experienced?
    8) what does work for your mistress mean to you?

    Thank you.

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  12. Dear Mistress Rebecca

    I would like to ask your slave.

    1. Id there a particular Lady you would dread being exposed to as a slave?

    2. Do you receive ballet training as She gives bb, and if so what training and punishment are given?

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  13. Thank you Mistress Rebecca for the opportunity to ask some questions to your new Born Again Virgin slave 😉

    I have a few for him.

    How did Mistress Rebecca’s domination of you evolve from you presumably being equal partners in your relationship to now often having no say in the cruel things that happen to you?
    Were the ever points in time where you thought that this may end in something that you didn’t want?

    If you read Mistress Scarlet’s blog did you ever think that you would ever become a Born Again Virgin like bitch boy?

    Did you know when you last had sex that it would be the very last time you would ever have sex?

    What areas of your service to Mistress Rebecca could you improve on?

    How has your life improved now that you are a Born Again Virgin?

    What would happen if you disobeyed and order from Mistress Rebecca?

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  14. What You like in Your mistress most? What part of her body give You most pleasure? Is Your mistress sensetive someway? Do You want sometimes just take her couse she is Your wife and You can do that? What are You think about Yourself? Do You like Yourself? Do you feel attractive to other womans? Do You have dominance thoughts? In Your opinion, if Your wife ask You to make her Your slave would you be to her same strict as she is now to You?

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  15. I have a question for your Slave, Mistress Rebecca: I wonder if he sometimes has weak moments, during which he has trouble in trusting his Mistress that she has his best interests in mind and would not do something to actualy hurt him? Even just for a brief moment, where things get maybe a bit intense.

    Thank you Mistress Rebecca for this wonderful opportunity to ask your slave questions. You are a wonderful Mistress and all us subbies here combined dont even reach your ankles.

    Have a nice day,

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  16. thank you Rebecca for allowing those of us following your blog to question your slave ( I do not believe in calling a sissy slave by any other name). I am a dominant woman with a sissy slave husband. I have a few questions for your slave if I may.
    -slave what is the most degrading thing Mistress Rebecca has made you do?
    -slave what is the most miserable situation Mistress Rebecca has put you in?
    -slave does it continue to humiliate you when Mistress Rebecca exhibits you to friends or in public or are you so use to this treatment it no longer makes you uncomfortable?
    -slave do you enjoy eating table scraps or dog food?
    -slave would you enjoy watching another sissy slave put through its paces ?

    My thanks in advance for any response.

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  17. slave: Please reveal one or more areas in your life that Mistress Rebecca may not be aware of that would most increase your humiliation/degradation if you were to make Her aware of them.

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  18. Thank You Mistress Rebecca for allowing me to ask Your slave a couple of questions…I hope I’m not too late..

    -On average how often are you “released” from your chastity device for “relief”…and what does your “relief” normally entail.

    -Forever is a very long time…what are your feelings of NEVER again penetrating with your clitty?

    -What are your Mistresses grooming standards for you (hair removal, etc)?

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  19. hi,
    How did this all start?
    What gives you the most pleasure?
    What do you want more of?
    What do you want less of?
    What advice would you give others?


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