My FLR 14 – Desperate for physical punishment

I’m having the time of My life with M., My new sex partner. At the same time My slave has become completely obsolete in the area of romance, vanilla life, and anything that has to do with sex. If you ask him he probably doesn’t even remember how a Vagina looks like anymore. πŸ˜‰ No licking his Mistress’ divine Pussy, no sleeping with Her on the same bed, nor sleeping in the same room with Her. Absolutely no coming out of his chastity cage nor cumming! My slave just works, does the chores, and then gets put away either to the basement where he spends hours in his bondage, or to his room where he is left alone to sleep in the tiny bed.

He has become so desperate for My presence that he begs for more chores just for mere chance of seeing Me. For example, by signing up for scrubbing the oven he hopes that throughout that extra time I will pass by so he will be able to at least catch a sight of Me and breathe My wonderful smell for a brief second. Once in the bondage or in his bed he knows that the chances for any interaction with his beloved Mistress are much lower. πŸ˜‰

Yesterday I have decided to give him a little bit of attention… By the time he came back from his work I was already sexually satisfied by M. Usually she stays and hangs around with Me at our house but yesterday she had to leave earlier. I was left by Myself, relaxing on the sofa and watching movies on our big screen in living room. When I heard subby coming back from work I waited until he will take a shower. I then ordered him to stay naked and kneel in front of Me. You have no idea how happy he was to hear that request! πŸ™‚

After a while of Me teasing him and him having an amazing view of My legs his sexual frustration took over. He started touching My legs, moving slightly up towards My face. He looked Me into the eyes and started begging in tears in his eyes. Begging for release, attention, love, and for mercy. His clitty was trying so desperately to break out of it’s cage, and the cage itself was in the position of humping My leg. I purposely didn’t react at all for quite some time, just filling Myself with joy. I loved the fact that I was able to bring him to such a state of desperation and urge. I felt very sadistically satisfied! Even though I should be mad as technically speaking he was violating Me.

After letting him cry out all of his tears I ordered him to back off and asked him very coldly: “Did I give you permission to touch Me? To approach Me or to look Me in the eyes?”

He burst into tears, looked at the floor and said “No, Mistress…” with a big shame in his voice.

“You have no control over yourself! You have just violated My safe-space, you have attempted to rape your own Mistress! Do you realize how serious is that?!” (Yes, I love to exaggerate anything that he does wrong. I don’t call Myself a sadist for nothing! πŸ˜‰ ). This accusation made him even more upset and yet again he burst into tears! At this point he was emotionally devastated, he started to shake and couldn’t even kneel straight.

-“I… I’m sorry Mmmmm…. Miisssss…. Mistress!”

-“Silence! I didn’t give you permission to talk you pathetic pervert! To your room – immediately! Legs on the floor, stomach on the bed, ass up in the air!” – that’s pretty much My favorite position for him to take when I’m about to spank him. πŸ˜‰ In that position his ass is pretty low so I don’t have to aim high.

Let Me tell you, by the way, I’m really not big on the corporal punishment. I definitely love to look at sore, red, or even bloody ass cheeks and I love to make My slave suffer physical pain. However I’m not a physically strong person. I’m very feminine and delicate so each spanking equals exhaustive amounts of energy for Me. That’s why I reserve this practice for rare occasions when I really feel like doing it and when My slave really needs some discipline. Now it was definitely the right time! πŸ™‚

I have spanked him very hard, his ass was bloody and purple. All that pain helped My slave to forget about his cock and gave him some good amounts of physical stimulus that his body so desperately needed. Of course he would prefer to receive it in the sexual form but it’s not about what he wants. πŸ˜‰ After I was done I was sooo sweaty! I couldn’t feel muscles in My hand anymore.

This morning My slave thanked Me for the spanking, he said that he behaved badly and he needed discipline. Now each time he will sit he will be reminded of how painful it is to rebel against the Goddess. The pain will also not let the horniness to overpower his brain. πŸ˜‰ So I have resolved the issues of his pathetic sexual needs without doing anything sexual to him. How wonderful! πŸ™‚

Mistress Rebecca


13 thoughts on “My FLR 14 – Desperate for physical punishment

  1. Wow.. I can totally understand his desperation and urge, seeing how I am withholding myself as well. So intensely cruel to punish him so severely for something you know he had hardly any control over and you sort of instigated or at least condoned.
    I can only imagine what fearful anticipation he must have had when he heard your cold voice put him back in his place, bursting his bubble of whatever he might think you’d do for him out of mercy. That’s just insane.

    I guess you’re becoming aware of exactly how much power you hold over him treating him like this, I am not a sadist myself, but I can see it being a rush and self-erotic in a sense. Good for you!

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  2. You Are becoming Totally cruel. You now have complete control over Your slave. And have turned it into nothing but Your slave. A true Goddess. Traated as us lowly pieces of property Deserve Ma’am.

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  3. Wonderful post Mistress Rebecca. I agree it seems as if you are becoming more cruel and sadistic overtime which is great for us readers but bad news for your slave. I do believe there will come a point where he will no longer seek attention if you continue to beat him more often and with more severity. He is very lucky you do not do it very often. I have been a 24/7 live-in slave many years and my mistress would literally have me beat and tortured until i passed out from the pain. Sadly corporal punishment is a very routine thing in her household as she gets great sexual pleasure from it which means living with constant pain, intense fear and dread almost 24/7. Not to mention a body full of keloid scars… whippings are very bloody. And yes i would traumatize people if I took my shirt off at the beach. lol. As difficult and cruel as this is (and as reluctant as i am to admit it), i do believe the use of severe corporal punishment can changes the dynamic of a D/s relationship for the better. Not only as it made me work harder and grow more respectful of my owner but it has induced a level of traumatic bonding which is an experience (now a way of life) that can not be put into words. My submission has become almost spiritual and the deep passion i have for my Goddess is extreme. But again, it is born out of fear/pain/suffering which is much different path and also has it downfalls. In any case it will be very interesting to continue to hear your stories and experiences as you continue to train, mold, condition yourself a proper slave. I know my Goddess owner will continue to read here as she is a big fan, as will I, as it is a requirement for me. I have very deep respect for you Goddess Rebecca … you are a true Goddess. Thank you for sharing your stories and living the life you deserve.
    -slave aiden

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    1. Thank you for this interesting post! πŸ˜‰ I really like what you’re saying and I can definitely see how corporal punishment improves a slave. Physical pain gives slave less room to be sexually aroused and kills the carving for lust!


  4. As I read this entry Mistress Rebecca I was quite convinced what a powerful Woman You are! You have a capacity for extreme cruelty, yet Your slave worships the ground You walk on and would no doubt shake with pleasure at being allowed the privilege of licking the dirt from the soles and heels of Your boots! Nothing short of β€œGoddess” can describe a Woman of Your strength and awesome power!

    In respect,



      1. It really is stunning how much you’ve warped his human perspective on existence. Jamieanne is right, a woman exhibiting such powers can be nothing less but a true Goddess.

        A Goddess both to be feared and loved. You’re like a Siren, shipwrecking any man who dares come to close to your feminine wonders.

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