Don’t worry, 2018 brings even more misery to My slave

A Mistress doesn’t have to be sorry for anything, nor She has to follow any schedules. Therefore I am not sorry for not posting here for such a long time but I do feel like writing about the reasons. 😉

My lesbian side took complete control over My sexuality ever since I’ve started dating M. At this point My slave no longer even gets to see My Divine Pussy, let alone taste it. I’ve been on couple of wonderful trips with My sexy slut to give 2018 a wonderful start. 😉 I was too busy being a tourist during the day and being a bull during the night. Each hotel we’ve been to was overwhelmed with our screams caused by wild sex. 🙂 While we had all that My human-worm continued his miserable routine consisting of work, house chores and sleeping alone in his tiny room. To make sure that he won’t get too comfy being all alone at home I locked the bedroom (yes, we do have a lock on our bedroom door! 😀 ) so he would not use the matrimonial bed nor get any reminders of Me by going trough My closet. 😉

I will soon write some more!

Mistress Rebecca


7 thoughts on “Don’t worry, 2018 brings even more misery to My slave

  1. Glad to see you back to writing. Your husband must be truly miserable, ignoring someone often inflicts one of the worse kinds of emotional pain. He truly serves no other purpose than to provide for you. I do pity him, but I suppose this is what he chose for.. initially.


  2. If he’s truly in love with you, then I guess you’re making him happy, getting your kicks and ignoring him; but I’d like to ask you two questions: are you in love with him, too? And, are you doing this as punishment?
    If the answer to those two questions is “no”, then your relationship with him isn’t a BDSM FLR’s one, but he’s simply a true slave that only serves to make your life easier.


    1. Yes, I do love My pathetic slave, and no, it isn’t really a punishment, just a demonstration of My power. I did all that just because I can and just because I felt like it. I needed a time off from being the Lady of the house and needed to feel like a wild teen again, exploring My sexuality with a wonderful young slut. 🙂

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