My FLR 15 – So useless

The new year presented itself with radical changes. They were not planned at all, everything was very spontaneous. My new love for M. turned Me back into a naughty and wild lesbian who can’t figure out “why do men even speak?”. Maybe that’s why My slave spent so far most of his time at home gagged. 🙂 I can’t really find any use for him other than work and house duties. He still does get to serve Me, but not sexually. It’s more like “bring Me a glass of wine”, “slave, I need a stool for my legs”, etc. 🙂

My poor little virgin did not even get to see any Pussy ever since 2018 started. My sexuality is currently devoted purely to My lovely slut. While he works, performs his chores or is in a heavy rubber bondage locked away deep in the basement, we have all sort of wild sexual fun! Licking eachother on the couch in the living room, fucking her with My strap-on in My bedroom, etc. I always wanted to embrace My gay Me even deeper and 2018 seems to be all about that! I feel truly blessed.

With the time M. has become more aware of the specifics of My relationship with Justin. She learned to love it and to amuse herself with it. Seeing My power over My pathetic slave she also has become more submissive to Me. She likes to play lots of games and last weekend when all 3 of us were at the house I took advantage of the situation and decided to torment both of them at the same time. We have a hook installed on the ceiling in the living room. It is perfect for lots of things… This time it served to tie their hands and attach the rope to it. They were facing each other, connected with the double ball gag (you can see one HERE). My slut had to wear 6-inch high heels so their faces would be on the same level 🙂 They were pretty much forced to look deep into each other’s eyes all the time. I also tied them together with a rope around their waist. My slave-boi was, obviously, securely locked in his chastity. and the chastity device was wrapped in a condom, so there would be absolutely no risk of him getting his inferior pre-cum anywhere near My lover. M. was wearing a lovely skirt with no panties on. That way My slave could not see Her Pussy but it would allow Me an easy access to it at any time I wished.

I left them standing like this for about an hour while I was relaxing on the couch, eating and watching a movie. From time to time I just glanced at them with a huge smile on My face. They could not see Me, as they couldn’t move their heads. All they could see was misery on each other’s faces! 🙂

When the movie was over I went upstairs to My closet and decided to dress as My favorite super-villain – the rubber clad dominatrix with a big rubber strap-on! 🙂 I came downstairs and started touching My girl from behind. I started kissing her on her neck and cheeks, then I lifted her skirt a little bit and inserted My dildo into her lovely tight Pussy. I started fucking Her very hard – she was trying to scream really badly through the ball gag and My male slave’s eyes were popping out of the sockets from the tiny bits of the action he managed to see through M.’s head! 🙂

That was a truly lovely weekend! 🙂

Mistress Rebecca


23 thoughts on “My FLR 15 – So useless

  1. After I finished laughing at this latest expose, I realized that none of your followers reply to my less-than-adulatory comments. Usually, when I do this in real forums, I get inundated with hostile replies. Your small band of merry followers seem too preoccupied with this larping nonsense to grasp reality.

    Seriously, I give your so-called marriage about two years. The increasing pace of adrenalin-inducing experiences will soon burn you out.

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      1. You have something like ten or fifteen followers, a guy like me who thinks your contrived lifestyle is pathetic, and pretty much no one else who gives a crap about what you post about.


  2. Very good. but it takes too long to get new posts. And I see the same problem with Miss Scarlet’s blog. Missing photos. it seems all too fake

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      1. I think you are real, but that your sexual events are contrived and feel as artificial in real life as they read through your descriptions. You try too hard.

        I’m not in the business of coaching erotica writers, but the more you actually connect with your spouse, the less you’ll need to share online and then your blog will blissfully go silent.

        “A-larping we will go, a-larping we will go, hi ho the merry-o a-larping we will go!”


  3. Even if those are only fantasy words its nice to read. I Think in bdsm there are things That Just Cant be done, but we can fantasy about them and Take pleasure from.

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  4. Yes, it’s very good to read. It would not be a problem to be all fantasy. So they want to sell the idea that everything is real. I do not suppose it’s even written by women. I believe it is written by men fantasizing

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    1. Hmmm… I can see how a description of such a rough sexual practice can be viewed as very “masculine”, but have you read all my posts? I felt like lots of My posts (especially the ones on the beginning) were too “feminine” and therefore too boring for the males.

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    2. Need to know about other people’s sexual perversions to get that little buddha going?

      Get a fucking life, “slavemoniqueRD”.


  5. Right!!! I’ve already seen many blogs that used to send a lot of photos, without exposing people. A lot of ways for this. In my fetlife, the actual photos of my life as a scout 24/7. And I never had to expose myself. To begin with, you do not have to show your face, for example.

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