Fast updates on My FLR

Lately I’ve been very busy with boring, everyday life stuff. Because of that, and because of couple of other reasons, I really had no time to blog. That, however, doesn’t mean that I had no time to terrorize My slave-puppet 😉

My lesbian relationship is flourishing, My pathetic virgin is working hard for his Mistress getting nothing in exchange. Everything is on a good path. 🙂 So many things have happened that I never got a chance to describe… Hot Valentine’s Day dates, a big release day for My Pussy-free loser, family reunion, and many more. I will try to dig in My memory and bring those amazing moments back to all of you, as they are truly worth it! 🙂 Please expect to hear from Me soon! In a mean time kisses to all the girls out there and lots of frustration to all the male losers reading My blog 😉


13 thoughts on “Fast updates on My FLR

    1. “…invent new stories” – exactly. This whole blog is bullshit – some weird fantasy posts with about 10 complete losers who follow them (present company excepted from the loser observation).


  1. Lebanese food is good.

    George Walton above sounds like a faggot. Cuckslave is beyond comment. And SlavemoniqueRD is so desperate to rub that little buddha (unless “she” is a she-wannabe and is just besotted with perversity) with more contrived stories from this blog.

    Fucking hilarious.


  2. James Fallmouth pobre coitado!!! não sabe nem o que diz. Nem conhece as pessoas e ja sai falando besteira. Você sabia que este blog é para maiores de idade. Então volte para suas bunecas ok


  3. James Fallmouth poor guy !!! does not even know what it says. You do not even know people, and you’re talking nonsense. Did you know that this blog is for adults. Then go back to your bunions ok


    1. Finally!! Someone engages on this website! The rest of the mental retards here (all of about 10 of them) just throw out “Oh, Mistress Rebecca, you are the mostest amazingest goddess – can I lick the bottom of your beautiful feet?”

      What a joke.

      As for your comment – you write like a faggot trying hard to act soooo upset!

      Thanks for the laugh.


  4. Mistress Rebecca, pls ignore these sad sad poor troll lurkers! Just ignor them, they get bored, and go back to their flaccid masters… they feed off of reaction, don’t be disheartened the internet is full of them, they’re a modern day type of virus.
    You write a wonderful blog with many followers, pls keep up the good work.
    BTW many male ‘master’ wannabees, or their pugs, attack and try to over compensate for their utter hopelessness, by going after ‘sensitive’ dommes, best to just enjoy their ramblings, it’s actually amusing if you understand where it’s coming from… A soulless pit filled with insecurities, let the trolls dance for you and laugh.
    Wonderful blog, you have supporters!


  5. James Fallmouth, all I have to do is pity you, you poor bastard and frustrated. The more you talk the more I see that you are not old enough to use the internet. You should stop with that and go take care of your noses and stop masturbating. Buy a toy for you. Maybe an inflatable doll


  6. James, you’re like a blind guy bumping into people and shouting to them ‘Are you blind! Can’t you see I am walking here’

    So what if it’s fake, so what if people get their rocks off on it, I’ll add to that: so what if you find us pathetic losers 😉


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