Female’s perspective on Female Led Relationship

I will be very honest here – I got extremely tired of people not being able to understand My lifestyle. My family, My slave’s family, some of My friends (luckily I surround Myself with very open-minded people, so most of My friends do actually understand Me very well), and even the people on the internet. For some reason people assume that there can be only 2 options when it comes to Female Led Relationship: either a Female is abusive or Her husband is a perv and makes Her do all those things and She is just a poor victim who tags along… I’m really sick of this attitude and complete ignorance in the topic. That’s why I didn’t feel like sharing My life with anyone – I stopped meeting My family, and I stopped writing My blog. I was just living the lifestyle of a true Dominatrix hidden from the world. But I guess it’s about time to come outside again and make an attempt of explaining things.

Let Me start by saying that I know where the second misconception comes from. The internet masturbators are spilling their fantasies all over the place. 😉 For some reason it is a common knowledge that men are perverted and have lots of sexual fantasies. So My question is: are Women worse than men? They can’t be perverted or have dark sexual fantasies? I most certainly am very perverted and very proud of it. Ever since I was little I had lots of weird fantasies and I loved to mess with boys. I would push their buttons to make them cry or get mad at Me in front of adults so they will get in trouble. I just like to see males suffer, that’s how I am. I was born this way.

As I have described in My past articles I do have some experience with vanilla relationships and I am not a “men-hater” (whatever that means). The problem was always the same: those relationships would bore Me to death and I wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable with penis entering My Pussy. I have found Women to be way more attractive and sex with them wouldn’t require Me to be penetrated by anything. There was always something missing in those, however. Someone on the bottom, someone who will dance to whatever I play, a test dummy who would take care of all My  sadistic needs. Also I’m not completely gay so it’s nice to have an option of using a male’s face to bring Myself to an orgasm, from time to time. 😉

This specific relationship that I have may seem like a typical male’s fantasy but it’s just a perfect fit for Me. Having a sexy Female lover + an enslaved hubby is the best of both worlds and such a greedy, dominant and perverted Woman like Myself needs all of that to Herself! 🙂 It’s funny for example that one of My family members who knows about My lover thinks that this is My hubby’s idea who simply just fantasies about being cucked by another Female. My pathetic slave doesn’t even get to touch her and he wishes very much that She wouldn’t come as often as she does so he could replace her in sexual services that she is providing Me with. Instead he has all the other responsibilities that don’t involve My presence.

I do realize that I may be a freak and there certainly aren’t many Women like Me but on the other hand what is there not to like? 😉

I really love to be viewed as God by My slave.

I love to see the awe on his face and in his eyes each time he’s looking at Me.

I love to have all the power that I have. I love to torment My puppet in any way, form or shape I desire.

I love to see his penis packed in it’s tiny cage, knowing that it is losing the rest of it’s potent life there and will never fuck any Pussy ever again. And it’s all because of My whim.

I love having no responsibilities, having all the unpleasant chores done by My slave and virtually all of the money from his work deposited into My personal account.

I love being an egocentric maniac, talking about Myself all the time, while My slave carefully listens and never interrupts Me with his own stories. That’s because he doesn’t have any, by the way. To have them he would need to have a life, and he doesn’t. His whole life evolves around Me. 😛

Again I will ask: what is there not to like? I’m sitting right now comfortably on My sofa while eating a delicious desert – something that My slave may never consume. I’m home alone, My slave is still working very hard to maintain his needy Mistress. I had a wonderful day filled with delicious food and lots of shopping. Also a massive orgasm sponsored by My favorite Hitachi Magic Wand 🙂 There is a pile of dishes and My sweaty clothes waiting for My slave to take care of after he gets back from work. Soon I will be making plans with M. (My girlfriend) for tomorrow’s date. I love every second of My life! 🙂

Mistress Rebecca


14 thoughts on “Female’s perspective on Female Led Relationship

  1. Congratulations Mistress Rebecca. There Are couples that live like U/us. But there are too many wankers and jealous. Don’t listen to the ones who put U/us down. Live Your life and enjoy it. i know how Your slave feels as i feel the same for my Owner. i too will never fuck again But thrills whenever i get to lick my Owners pussy. And do anything to please Her while getting used and abused. Thank You for Your blog and keep writing and ignore the naysayers.

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  2. Oh wow! The above is an amazing post! You are simply awesome Mistress Scarlet – to be honest I think You are just ahead of Your time. You are basically leading the way for other Dominant Females to follow in Your footsteps!

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  3. Hello Mistress Rebecca, thank You to exist!
    Your words are always a precious gift, Mistress.
    this inferior puppet hopes that Your life is every day more beautiful and full of pleasure, without any care for the judgment of others: You are so Superior to be judged, Mistress Rebecca!
    Thanks again kneeling

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  4. Mistress Rebecca, thank You for Your great post. What You are saying is so true. It is sad that many people do not understand Your lifestyle, although it is best for You and Your hubby. And it would be best for many more couples. I was very much intrigued, that You love to be viewed as God by Your slave and love to see awe on his face and his eyes. This is what i would like to experience too.

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  5. Dear Mistress Rebecca

    Your post/story is a very real thing (problem) that i had the chance to come across many times. The people You are talking about might have several reasons to act or say things like that. It might be because they hate the thought that You might be this “Dominatrix” that they only know as man-hating abusive person, or maybe that they love You and are simply scared of what bad thing might be happening to You. As an outsider, i will never know, but what i know for certain is that all this comes from ingorance.

    Sadly most people are unaware of what BDSM really is and simply classify it as some perverse fantasy of some 50 year old dude (just like everything else). How could they know, though? I met a lot of people, who are BDSM+ and have no clue what it is about. Declaring that they want to give all rights and simply be treated badly (And i don’t mean sadism and similiar things, i mean straight out getting hurt) without any thinking. I’ve been guilty of that myself for quite some time.

    The general consensus seems to be, that women are these weak fragile beings, that need protecting from everyone and everything. I’ll maybe sound controversial, but the biggest entity that is pushing this idea is third wave (today’s) feminism. So “logically” every woman, that breaks from this view has to have man behind her, doesn’t she? Well of course not, but people find this to be a hard pill to swallow. Women can actually be very perverted, very nasty, competitive and asertive.

    Of course what i am describing here is the same old stupid stereotype. Sadly if You bring out the combination of ideas such as Woman taking the reigns of the relationship and man being subservient and BDSM, people have trouble accepting two things that don’t fit their views at the same time. That’s the time when they become defensive and they strongly argue, that the thing You just proven to be false is true.

    You are definately not alone, Mistress Rebecca. There is a lot of women that are like You. And all of them have to face at least one of the dumb stereotypes at some point in their lives. I don’t have a solution for this. All i can say is that being selective about who You share this with will help You to limit the number of occasions, when you get to hear the lovely words “Is that horny bastard making You do this?”.

    I hope that Your future will have more of the people who understand, that You and Your hubby both want this and in Your house, You are the one and only God and that it is what You want and love.

    Your humble reader,

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  6. You REALLY ROCK Rebecca!
    I have often mentioned on my blog (and the books I publish) that in respect of civilised countries subs and Dommes are currently treated like gay people were 50 years ago. Then, being gay was considered a choice and so was considered perverted and against the bible and punishable by imprisonment. Now we know gay people, (most particularly men according to science), are born gay and that is fine and they can live how wish.
    Well submissives and many Dommes are born the way they are. Almost all true submissives I have had contact with explain they knew they were submissive before puberty. It came before sexual thoughts, but quickly became a sexuality.
    I hope and assume that in 50 years time or less, people with a submissive or dominant sexuality will simply be treated as gay people in civilised societies currently are. I guess some scientific research would help.

    Obviously there are the other issues of sadism seeming unethical and masochism seeming a mental health issue. But put two suitable people together and a perfect jigsaw fit creates a relationship stronger and deeper and more loyal than just about all vanilla relationships.

    Mistress Scarlet

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    1. Hi Mistress Scarlett,

      I just wanted you to know that your observations on true submissive men being born that way and having a submissive nature at pre puberty is spot on in my case.

      I was drawing pictures of myself In cages in primary school everytime the teachers asked us to draw a picture much to there bemusement no doubt 😂. As soon as I was sexually active I was very submissive towards girls and women.

      I had a great upbringing and happy childhood before anyone chims in with that assumption.

      I’m now in a very strict FLR and loving my position under total control of my wife. I’m not as strictly treated as your and mistresses Rebbecas slave with regards to there BAV status as I do rarely get given permission to enter my MS from time to time but under HER strict instruction and rules in that area.

      This is however a rare occurrence, for example I’ve been in chastity for two months strait next week and was only aloud to cum in my cage behind it’s tight bars last month so as you can see it’s not far off your slaves predicament.

      I do belive in the past my MS has had correspondence with yourself for a short time however I wasn’t privie or given permission to see any off it to relay back to you.

      Anyway Thank you both for your excellent blogs and insight into this life style.

      a slave

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  7. Mistress Rebecca. i take it Your letting a few idiots stop You from continuing Your journal. You Do have Many disappointed male slaves. You Are missed Ma’am.

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