“Yes” or “No” question with no proper answer

So I’ve been playing those games with My slave, asking him a “yes” or “no” questions. I will look him deep in the eyes while waiting for the answer, putting lots of pressure on him just by having concerned facial expression. My expression tells him “slave, you better answer right, the outcome will be enormous”. He really believed that one of those answers brings him hell, while the other brings him to heaven. Just recently he has learned that there is no proper answer and both bring hell. There is no way out, I’ve been asking him those questions just to fuck with him by giving him fake hope.

In our Domme-slave routine I am the one who cleans his clitty couple of times per week. The reason why I’m the one doing it is simple: I make sure that this isn’t pleasurable. I put a “glove” made out of harsh material so not only there is no skin contact between his Mistress and his clitty but it assures a proper and fast cleaning without any sexual stimulation. Usually the whole process is very fast:

I order him to fill the bowl with hot soapy water, undress and lie on a bed. I then take off My necklace with the key to his chastity device, open the lock. Usually the ball-ring stays on and I just remove the top part of the chastity. I then put on My “glove”, soak it well in the water and scrub his little thing. I do it very fast, drop the glove into the bowl and lock him back into his chastity so his clitty won’t enjoy freedom for longer than 30 seconds. For most of the times it doesn’t manage to get an erection that fast. There are exceptions, however. Especially when he was denied for looooong time. 🙂

Recently My subby’s little dickie didn’t get ANY action whatsoever for about a month! :O he was almost begging Me to just hump the floor, LOL. In the evening, during our cleaning routine he immediately got hard right after I’ve removed the chastity device. I tried to be very rough with the cleaning so it would go away, but it didn’t help! he apologized Me for the inconvenience but the erection was still there, so I’ve asked him: “Do you think you deserve to have an erection in front of your Mistress?”. he looked very confused and was thinking hard about the proper answer. The fact that he managed to finish all the chores on his list that day gave him lots of confidence, so without making Me wait any longer for the answer he said “Yes, Mistress!” A goofy smile appeared on his face, probably hoping for some action. I didn’t feel like having any of that, however. I squeezed his balls really tightly, looked him deep in the eyes and said: “I’m sure that in your fantasy land you deserve everything you’d wish for from your Mistress… THIS is reality where your Mistress has better things to do than entertaining your tiny dicklet, loser! your only purpose in life is to serve Me, so don’t ever make Me deal with your perverted fantasies of sexual interactions between a Mistress and Her slave! Understood?”

-“Yes, Mistress” he answered with the saddest face. “I’m sorry, Mistress”.

-“Oh, you will be sorry.” – I said while forcing the chastity on his now softer clitty. Then after the final “click” I ordered him to go to his slave-room and sleep there. “There you can dream all you want about things that you will never have. Just don’t get too cozy because you have lots of chores to do tomorrow!” 😉

The very next cleaning session resulted in the same ridiculousness. The tiny clitty got rock hard, hoping that towering 3 inches will make a Woman do something about it, LOL! This time I felt like teasing him a little bit. I started scratching his balls with My long, red nails – very gently. Just by doing that I made My slave moan and his dicklet shaking 🙂 I then asked the exact same question as last time: “Do you think you deserve to have an erection in front of your Mistress?” It looked like an obvious trap and he seemed to know the proper answer: “No, Mistress.”

-“Ohh… Since you don’t deserve it go get an ice bag this instance!” 🙂 After locking him up I ordered him to get his cleaning uniform (a pink apron that he absolutely hates) and start scrubbing the oven and the kitchen floor. I went to My closet and started dressing up. On My way out I’ve announced to him: “It’s still quite early, I was about to give you a handjob and let you cum all over My beautiful hands… But since you don’t deserve to even get hard in front of Me I’m going for a date. I’m going to spend a night with someone who deserves way more than that! Pathetic undeserving bitches like you are staying home and cleaning. When I come back home I want you to lick the floor in front of Me so you can prove Me how well you performed your duty. It shouldn’t be a problem licking it if it’s going to be perfectly clean, right?”

-“Yes, Mistress”

-“And by the way. you can forget about sleeping in My bedroom for the entire week. Why would a Woman like Me want to be anywhere near a loser like you who doesn’t even deserve to have an erection?”


-“Shut up! Get to work now.”

And I left for the night full of fun! 🙂

And all that just to fuck with him, just to show him how much power I have and to rub in his face how miserable his life is. It’s not like I was really about to give him that handjob, LOL. It’s not like I would give him any sexual favors based on his answer. It’s not like his wants or opinions matter – the only thing that matters in this relationship is My whim 🙂 I love My marriage! 😀

Mistress Rebecca


6 thoughts on ““Yes” or “No” question with no proper answer

  1. Finally, you write again with a great part of your life! Your husband is lucky and every man should worship women like you. Please do not disappear anymore, Goddess!


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