Last chance to ask My slave

Most likely tomorrow or on Saturday I will interview My slave. I will use the questions asked by the readers posted here. That means that you still have at least one more day to come up with some questions. Post everything in “Questions to My slave” topic. 😉


My FLR 14 – Desperate for physical punishment

I’m having the time of My life with M., My new sex partner. At the same time My slave has become completely obsolete in the area of romance, vanilla life, and anything that has to do with sex. If you ask him he probably doesn’t even remember how a Vagina looks like anymore. 😉 No licking his Mistress’ divine Pussy, no sleeping with Her on the same bed, nor sleeping in the same room with Her. Absolutely no coming out of his chastity cage nor cumming! My slave just works, does the chores, and then gets put away either to the basement where he spends hours in his bondage, or to his room where he is left alone to sleep in the tiny bed.

He has become so desperate for My presence that he begs for more chores just for mere chance of seeing Me. For example, by signing up for scrubbing the oven he hopes that throughout that extra time I will pass by so he will be able to at least catch a sight of Me and breathe My wonderful smell for a brief second. Once in the bondage or in his bed he knows that the chances for any interaction with his beloved Mistress are much lower. 😉

Yesterday I have decided to give him a little bit of attention… By the time he came back from his work I was already sexually satisfied by M. Usually she stays and hangs around with Me at our house but yesterday she had to leave earlier. I was left by Myself, relaxing on the sofa and watching movies on our big screen in living room. When I heard subby coming back from work I waited until he will take a shower. I then ordered him to stay naked and kneel in front of Me. You have no idea how happy he was to hear that request! 🙂

After a while of Me teasing him and him having an amazing view of My legs his sexual frustration took over. He started touching My legs, moving slightly up towards My face. He looked Me into the eyes and started begging in tears in his eyes. Begging for release, attention, love, and for mercy. His clitty was trying so desperately to break out of it’s cage, and the cage itself was in the position of humping My leg. I purposely didn’t react at all for quite some time, just filling Myself with joy. I loved the fact that I was able to bring him to such a state of desperation and urge. I felt very sadistically satisfied! Even though I should be mad as technically speaking he was violating Me.

After letting him cry out all of his tears I ordered him to back off and asked him very coldly: “Did I give you permission to touch Me? To approach Me or to look Me in the eyes?”

He burst into tears, looked at the floor and said “No, Mistress…” with a big shame in his voice.

“You have no control over yourself! You have just violated My safe-space, you have attempted to rape your own Mistress! Do you realize how serious is that?!” (Yes, I love to exaggerate anything that he does wrong. I don’t call Myself a sadist for nothing! 😉 ). This accusation made him even more upset and yet again he burst into tears! At this point he was emotionally devastated, he started to shake and couldn’t even kneel straight.

-“I… I’m sorry Mmmmm…. Miisssss…. Mistress!”

-“Silence! I didn’t give you permission to talk you pathetic pervert! To your room – immediately! Legs on the floor, stomach on the bed, ass up in the air!” – that’s pretty much My favorite position for him to take when I’m about to spank him. 😉 In that position his ass is pretty low so I don’t have to aim high.

Let Me tell you, by the way, I’m really not big on the corporal punishment. I definitely love to look at sore, red, or even bloody ass cheeks and I love to make My slave suffer physical pain. However I’m not a physically strong person. I’m very feminine and delicate so each spanking equals exhaustive amounts of energy for Me. That’s why I reserve this practice for rare occasions when I really feel like doing it and when My slave really needs some discipline. Now it was definitely the right time! 🙂

I have spanked him very hard, his ass was bloody and purple. All that pain helped My slave to forget about his cock and gave him some good amounts of physical stimulus that his body so desperately needed. Of course he would prefer to receive it in the sexual form but it’s not about what he wants. 😉 After I was done I was sooo sweaty! I couldn’t feel muscles in My hand anymore.

This morning My slave thanked Me for the spanking, he said that he behaved badly and he needed discipline. Now each time he will sit he will be reminded of how painful it is to rebel against the Goddess. The pain will also not let the horniness to overpower his brain. 😉 So I have resolved the issues of his pathetic sexual needs without doing anything sexual to him. How wonderful! 🙂

Mistress Rebecca

Questions to My slave

Direct here all the questions or topics you want My slave to address. I will give him a special permission to do so in couple of days (perhaps the next weekend) and I will make sure that he will do a good job. 😉

Remember that this is not a Q&A. My slave will write here only once. After this I’m not planning to grant him this permission ever again.

My slave’s perspective

Couple of people have asked Me about My slave’s perspective on what’s going on in our lives. I don’t allow him to talk about our relationship with anyone besides Me, but since today is Thanksgiving I may be generous. 😉 I may consider giving him a special permission to hop one day on My blog and answer some questions from the readers. I just don’t know yet what shape should it take. Suggestions are welcomed in here! 🙂

My FLR 13 – So, so unfair!

Unfair from My slave’s perspective, of course. Each morning he gets to see My unbelievably curvy body that whispers into his ears “play with Me!”. But he can’t, his Mistress needs his non-sexual services. Breakfast, cleaning the bed, doing the laundry, and after eating the scraps his Mistress left him – doing the dishes. Pure misery, away from the view that makes him so excited.

This weekend My girlfriend was coming over. As oppose to Myself, she really loves being penetrated. This time in particular she felt a strong need to be properly fucked. I wanted to make sure that I will give it to her good – all that she deserves. 😉

After our regular morning routine at home I prepared My “fucking suit”, consisting of My favorite black rubber clothes and, obviously, of a strap-on. I ordered My slave to kneel on the floor in My bedroom while I prepare. Let him see his Mistress in all Her glory, struggling to squeeze into the latex. 😉 The view was very overwhelming for My little bitch – he was just obsessively staring and drooling. 🙂 I then gave him a cloth and a latex shine and said: “Shine Me up, bitch. But don’t you dare to touch Me with anything else other than the cloth! This amazing body is reserved for someone else.”

It is so funny how slave tries to give his eyes a little bit of extra pleasure every time he shines Me. The rubber is usually shiny enough after one wipe. BUT not at the butt cheeks and tits area! There it needs to be wiped at least 5 times. 😀 And whenever I ask a slave “why is it taking so long there?” he tries to make excuses that it’s still not shiny enough. Oh well, I’ll let him have that tiny pleasure. 😉

This time it was not only about My rubber, however. My strap-on needed attention as well, so I ordered My slave to grab a condom and put it on using his mouth. While he was doing so I told him:

“This dick is about to get some real action. It will penetrate a young, tight Pussy. Something that your dick will NEVER do!”


Tears appeared in his eyes immediately. I ordered him to suck it a little bit before I go and fuck My girlfriend.

-“Ohhh, life is sooo unfair! My fake rubber dick has a better sex life than your miserable clitty! All locked up, can’t even get hard. And will never, EVER experience what this dick is experiencing now and what is about to experience!”

slave started crying, while still eagerly sucking on My dildo. All that sucking made him excited too, I could see a compressed “erection” in the plastic cage. 😉

-“That’s enough of it! Kiss the tip of My dick! Now… I believe you have a bathroom to clean. When I’m done violating My girlfriend I want to see the whole bathtub scrubbed and everything else perfectly shiny. Understood?”

-“Yes, Mistress!”

I pointed My finger to the bathroom, after he went inside I closed the door and left downstairs where M. was waiting – very wet and horny! 😉

Mistress Rebecca

My FLR 12 – Lesbian life

Things are moving SOOO fast in our relationship now. About 2 months ago I have started this blog. That was due to the fact that I have recently (at that time) made My slave a BAV. I wanted to share the good news with the world! 🙂 Before his Born Again Virgin status has become official he did not get to fuck Me for 100 days. Today is about 170th day of his new, Pussy-free lifestyle. And yet again the misery only gets more intense, the amount of restrictions doubles and triples! 🙂

Me and M. (I don’t want to use her full name in here) are officially girlfriends now. Our relationship is mainly vanilla, we practice so-called “college lesbian life”. 🙂 We chill together a lot, go places, and have lots of sex. And sex with her is amazing! 🙂 She is not like some of the lesbians that I know who basically speaking act like a man. She likes to be violently handled by a dominant Female like Myself and she loves eating Pussy. A perfect match for Me! 😉

At this point My slave has become more useless than ever. I rarely need him for sexual services and I didn’t let him get any pleasure for quite some time now. I announced that from now on this will be the norm at the house. “We may become exclusive lovers – that means that I will not need your tongue service as often” I said. The amount of sadness and misery on his face was indescribable!

Mistress Rebecca

Red, long nails

Such a simple thing: growing your nails and painting them red. And yet they give such a power! I don’t know what it is and how to explain it. One thing is sure: we both have a huge fetish for red, long nails. Not too long, just long enough; nothing fancy, just plain red. And oh yes, very shiny red, nicely polished! 🙂


Sometimes more spiky, sometimes squarish – depending on the mood. They make Me feel so special – elegant and diabolic at the same time. They feel a little bit like a weapon attached to Me and at any moment I can scratch My slave’s delicate parts of his body. It turns Me even more knowing how much he loves them too, and how submissive they make him feel. When he kneels helplessly in front of Me, holding a tray with My drink and snacks, he looks at the nails. Those beautiful shiny nails attached to his Mistress’ hands that have so much power over his life. They grab a drink, they fix My wonderful hair, they push buttons on the remote control. Any time they can attack – slap his miserable face, pinch him or squeeze his purple balls. They can also show the middle finger to accentuate how little I care about his needs. Or worse, they can point a different finger to order him to get out of the room, so he can no longer enjoy the presence of his Goddess.

But sometimes they can be a little bit nicer and more playful – they can use their devil-red nails to knock on his plastic cage. “Ohhh, poor little clitty. All locked up, missing all the fun!”. I can even give him a stroke or two – his caged dickie gets an immediate compressed “erection” when seeing My hot nails so close to it! 🙂

Mistress Rebecca