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I have decided to trash the “Contact” page for now. Too many e-mails with lots of questions that could be answered publicly, so if you have any question about anything don’t be afraid to post it here and I will reply to you 😉


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  1. Hello Mistress Rebecca! Please tell me: WHY? Why have you decided to cut off any penetrative sex from your poor slave? Does being so cruel to him brings you more pleasure than being penetrated? Or is your slave a cuckold and you are being penetrated regardless (by your bull)?

    Kind regards,


      1. I had this experience before back than. For the first time I visited my mistress, she praised me by saying I am a good looking guy after closing the door behind us. Afterwards I was brought to a test to see if I was able to reveal her sweet womanhood with my mouth solely without the help of my hands. I succeeded and was rewarded with the honour to eat her sweet pussy. I brought her to orgasm while licking her and was rewarded by having my balls licked. Everything ended with me receiving a golden shower from her. It was the sweetest thing I ever had and I could never forget. We even talked about our own personal life and experiences out of sessions and hang out together. While I was waiting for her to finish her gym training, she would always reward me with a bottle of her golden nectar. Soon after I went overseas and lost my contact with her. Afterwards, I never had such an experience before. I really miss her so much, its the sweetest memory I ever had.


  2. When you say that your slave may only enter your sacred bedroom “naked, shaved and perfumed” I am wondering if you allow him to use manly cologne or does he have to wear feminine perfumes of your choosing to further emasculate him. If perfumes, which ones and what is their effect on him?


    1. The perfume is not for him but for Me. When I’m horny and await his tongue he sprays himself with masculine perfumes so it will get me going. When I’m on My period, however, I expect him to spray himself with either something feminine or something sweet and fruity (more on the cheap spectrum of perfumes).


  3. I am also a BAVS.my story is being added on Mistress Scarlets site in smaal parts, but I haven’t mentioned on her site how I lost the right to cum. I was an avid wankerr until Mistress locked me.Like you slave I begged to be allowed in her again but she refused but argeed that she would release my clit annd wank my clit for as long as I wanted. All I had to do was beg her to stop at some point and she would. I mistakenly thought she meant on a regular basis but she mmeant in one session. After an hour or so of wanking and stimulation and 4 or 5 cums my clit was so sore I begged her to stop. She did and I have never had a proper cum since.
    Would you consider this treatment for your slave?

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    1. Silly Antonia, you can’t be BAVS! 🙂 “S” stands for “status”.
      your story sounds really hot! However I’m not sure if not cumming is healthy, plus I like occasionally play with My slave’s little clitty and make it cum. It is so much fun and I always try to be very creative. 😉


  4. Appologies for getting it wrong. I am just a dumb slave after all. I am sorry I didn’t make it plain I get milked when Mistress thinks I deserve it. It’s just that my pathetic clitnever gets let out to be stroked let alone pumped. It is years now

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  5. A probe up my sissy pussy massages me inside and mistress rubs the skin between my pussy and my clit to coax stuff out of my clit in a stream. There is no sense of relief or pleasure for me, just emptyness. I obviously have to clean the probe and the mess up afterwards and thank her for her kindness. She either collects the dribble for use later or has me lick it off the plate.

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      1. Mistress has instructed me to say I can tell you about my life and what she inflicts on me if you wish but she emphasised over a considerable period with her cane on my bottom that she wishes us to remain anonymous for now.
        With regards to the milking process I puchased a prostate massager for her use and she says there are numerous clips on the web demonstrating its use. She also says practice makes perfect if you have a slave to use as much as you wish! Ruined orgasms are another trick she uses, it amuses her to bring me to the brink then watch my clit flopping about spurting unaided. If I was free to assist it I couldn’t resist. It is better than the milking process from my point of view regarding satisfaction because it is a proper cum, or as near as I get, although cleaning the floor or bedding afterwards is worse.


  6. Hello Mistress Rebecca (curtsy),

    Thank you for taking your valuable time to write this blog. I appreciate your candor, and your commitment to a Female led household. I presently serve two intelligent and beautiful lesbian loves so, obviously there is no need for my sexual services. I am merely a sissy maid who serves domestic needs in their home. With their permission I look forward to following your blog.

    Thank you, with respect and a curtsy, fifi

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      1. Dear Mistress Rebecca.
        Dear Mistress Rebecca,

        I am honored by your interest in my servitude to my two Mistresses. With deep respect to you as a woman I offer a humble curtsy. The power of the curtsy never lessens for me. I am required to display a curtsy each time I enter and exit a room either Mistress is in, as well as, when in passing. It is a simple discipline but serves as a constant humbling tool of my status as their sissymaid.

        I’ve been humbly serving Mistress Gypsy several times a week for over a year. Her life partner, Mistress Bella, has just recently decided to allow me in her presence. Of course she was well aware of me but prior to this privilege I did not serve weekends and always left their home before she returned from work. In this fashion, as well as cleaning her home and all her laundry I have been serving her all along.

        She was just not ready to accept a sissy maid in front of her. Sissies after all are an oddity to most people. Quite ridiculous actually too many and Miss Bella is no exception. Sissies as you know fall into a category all by their lonesome; not female (wish they were), not transgender (sissy outfits never pass in public), and not alpha male in the slightest way. As Mistress Gypsy believes, a sissy accepting the humiliation is a tool to learn and accept themselves for who and what they are.

        Serving these two women is a real honor, as well as real maids work. Before arriving I generally get a shopping list. I take care of the dry cleaning. Sometimes I’m a chauffeur I prepare and serve meals, and I make sure the house is clean from the front door to the corners behind the toilets (in a perverse way cleaning the toilets of these two intelligent, beautiful women is sexy event.). Being allow into their homes so intimately is a true privilege. If Mistress Gypsy is feeling truly opulent she will ring one of the bells about the home and instruct inform me of my tampon duties. On a silver tray a fresh tampon and towel arrive to where ever she may be. I have been trained in removal and insertion with my thoroughly washed and manicured hands. This is done because she knows how much respect I have for such a privilege and it reduces me to nothing more than her tampon girl. To partly earn such a privilege, via a text, my period begins with hers and I stop whatever it is I’m doing and I begin wearing and replacing an overnight pad for the next four days, not very alpha, do you think? And this I suppose is just a glimpse as to why its takes a while for someone, Mistress Bella, to accept a sissy in her superior female presences.

        I will add that infraction are corrected with punishments. I truly do my best to avoid pain. Sometimes the Mistress may be feeling playful and her toys surface. This is her prerogative, certainly. But to date I have only be punished for wrong doings four times, and believe me, Mistress Rebecca, those infractions will not happen again.

        Thank you Mistress Rebecca. If you are interested I am required to blog my training at Blogger, Sissy Fifi. I enjoyed your last post. I agree being away from Mistress Gypsy simply makes me swoon to be near her. The freedom of her acceptance is worth all the freedom lost.

        With respect and a curtsy, fifi

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      2. sissy, I really enjoy reading about your relationship. you’re definitely a very well behaved slave! Do you actually live with your Mistress? And is Her relationship with the other Mistress stable so they are the exclusive sex partners? I wonder if they give you any sexual use or attention.

        And I also don’t fully understand your period duties. How does that makes your Mistress’ life any easier or better? Unless you assist Her with Her period as well.

        I wanted to check out your blog but your link doesn’t work.

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  7. Dear Mistress Rebecca,

    Thank you for taking an interest in my sissy maid training. It is truly an honor. Curtsy.

    Mistress Gypsy and Mistress Bella have been loving partners for nine years. There are very much in love. I do not live with them but I do live just ten minutes away by car. The intimacy between Mistress Gypsy and me is not sexual. As her handmaiden and servant I do at times have the great privilege of seeing her in all her splendid superior glory but never sexually.

    For instance, just two days ago she mentioned that I have been becoming a bit to relax with protocol, as well as, offering my opinion without humility. Throughout the day she required me to prove my devotion. On three occasions I was asked to drink her urine. Once from a wine glass and twice directly from her glorious source. Although this is where devotion truly reigns because I am not allow to let my lips touch her magnificent body. Being so close without the luxury of tasting her superior womanhood is heart wrenching. I long to touch her but risk severe punishment, and worst, dismissal if I do. I am just a vessel for her pee. An hour before leaving she required me to remove my black satin maids uniform. Pierced earrings and pink lipstick was all that I wore. On the floor I was placed on my elbows and knees over a contraption that strapped my neck to a pole with my hands and ankles strapped to what amounts to two upside down T’s connect to a stainless steel pole running beneath my body connecting the two t’s. On the back pole was an eight inch dildo. I was then required to impale myself on the dildo. As I need this she pushed the rear T towards the front. When she was satisfied that the black dildo was all the way in she tightened the center pole, via a screw in the middle, leaving me helplessly pegged. Throughout this discipline she told me how this had nothing to do with sex. This was all about her power and my surrender to her. She also told me how pathetic I looked, but then she said. “But you are my pathetic, fifi.” This comment warmed my heart and I was proud to be her pathetic entertainment and toy.

    After some time in this pathetic position she unshackled me, but she was not finished. She produced an “EGG TOPPER”. Something I have never seen before. They look like scissor handles with a flat stainless donut instead of scissor blades. With her soft delicate hands and oil she slipped it on knowing full well that this would arouse “her” clitty because it has had no attention for weeks. Watching her close the scissor handles was horrifying. Instead of chopping it off serrated points all the way around extend about one eight of an inch. She giggled and played while I, well, I just knelt there wide eyed happy that nothing was on the floor. As I write this I have tiny shallow scabs in a perfect ring all the way around. As they heal from time to time I feel an itch reminding me of Mistress Gypsy. Protocol is well in place and my opinion will be reserved until it is called upon, indeed.

    As for servicing her period, this I suspect is multi-faceted. When I assist in changing her tampon it is again knowledge that this is as close as I’ll ever get to her powerful femininity. She is not so lazy that she won’t do this herself, I’ve only been allowed twice, but perhaps she enjoys the decadence of having such a servant to serve her whims. And I think she knows that as a sissy this is an amazing part of womanhood and it is actually a reward to be so close to this event. As far as her texting me when her period begins, once at 4 in the morning, it is training to be more feminine. If I want to do girly things than I too should know what it’s like to be a girl. I will say this. Mistress Rebecca, after doing this for eight months I am amazed at how short a month is. This monthly occurrence has no care for timing or convenience. Not only do I have to keep myself stocked in maxi pads I have to make sure I carry a man bag (if there could be such a thing) with pads to change throughout the day. I am also required to make sure her house is well stocked with Tampax Pearl Assorted supplies.

    As for Mistress Bella coming onboard to part ownership of a sissy maid, this is still evolving. One night recently my collar was removed and they both replaced it around my neck. I can say from the few encounters in her presence thus far I think she will be a force that is going to require pristine respect and protocol. I’ve order three new custom uniforms with longer hemlines and panty looms because she does not care to see any of this sissies thighs. Generally my full petticoats don’t hide much when I bend over. Garter straps and ruffled panties chime out to the room. Trust me when I say I am well tucked and flat in her presences. Mistress Gypsy is very pleased with her growing acceptance and I want Mistress Gypsy to be pleased. Always.

    I hope this answered your questions I hope the link below works for my, required blog. Some of this letter will be in my next post.

    With respect and a curtsy, fifi


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  8. Dear Mistress Rebecca, curtsy

    In my enthusiasm to write to you the narrative below was incomplete. Punishment for relaxing protocol and my unchecked opinion included wearing a humbler while cleaning the kitchen. Not being able to stand straight and sinking deeper to relieve the pressure was awful. And I’ll take a second here to add, the effects of the EGG-TOPPER are still healing. I will be serving today as a handy-maid by painting the Mistress’s living room. I’ll will certainly be in proper submissive order.

    Have a wonderful day Mistress Rebecca, well served.

    With respect and a curtsy, fifi

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    1. sissy, I absolutely LOVE your relationship! There is something special in Mistresses having their sexual needs fulfilled exclusively in a lesbian manner. That sort of accentuates the superiority of Females and makes boys even more miserable and useless. 🙂

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  9. firstly this boy loves your blog – so thank you.

    Would love to hear more about your use of chastity, periods of denial etc with your slave/hubby?

    Also, if any others are party to your relationship e.g. your sisters or close girlfriends?

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    1. No one else has power over My slave, if that’s what you’re asking.

      I am a very confident person and confident in what I’m doing so people usually have a general idea what’s going on behind the walls of our house. Only few get to actually see it themselves, but no one gets to tell My slave what to do.


  10. Dear Mistress Rebecca, curtsy

    I understand your slave’s chastity frustration. Recently, I spent the day cleaning the home of my Mistresses bathrooms, kitchen, Master Bedroom, etc. In addition to this I served Mistress Gypsy lunch and tended to her other wants at the sound of the bell or the call, fifi.

    When Mistress Bella returned from work I of coursed curtsied and relieved her of the things she was carrying. As they reunited with a hug and kisses I simply stayed busy tending to this and that. Shortly after her arrival I was instructed to stay a bit longer and serve drinks and snacks. I was also instructed to change from my yellow sissy maid outfit and model a new red sissy maid outfit while serving. Mistress Bella also took this time to walk me around the home so she could point out things she wants done this week while she is working.

    It was the end of busy week for both of them so some champagne was had by one Mistress while the other enjoyed a couple dirty martinis. I continued to spot clean and keep myself busy. There is a corn I am supposed to stand in when idle but I always find something to do so that they can fully enjoy the luxury of owning a sissy maid and, also, so that I can continue to prove myself worthy of being the sissy maid to two dynamic Women.

    From time to time I heard them discussing me as if I am not there, but this too gives me a prideful feeling. It was obvious that the two of them were enjoying one another’s love as they kissed and carried on. At about eight o’clock I was dismissed. After changing into my street clothes I came out to thank them for the privilege of serving and say good bye. I kissed Mistress Gypsy’s high heels and Mistress Bella’s funny socks before leaving.

    At one in the morning I got a text from my restless Mistress Gypsy. She thanked me for a day well served and added, “Mistress Mia and I enjoyed a lovely love making experience after you left. We also had a giggle over your chastity. Have a wonderful weekend, fifi.”

    As I sit here now and picture the privilege they shared in my mind my clitty can only swell as far as the pink Holy Trainer I’m wearing allows, which is not much.

    Thank you for allowing me to write on your blog. I wish for you a wonderful day, well served.

    With respect and a curtsy, fifi

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  11. Mistress Rebecca:

    As you instructed, here are the questions from the thread on your slave’s perspective.

    Are You planning on feminizing your Slave?

    If you have no sexual use for Your slave would you consider arranging for a Master to use it?

    Does Your slave have Sissygasms?

    Do You publicly humiliate Your slave?

    Would you ever free Your slave?


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    1. If by feminizing you mean something permanent then no. My slave has a responsibility to make money for his Goddess by attending his job.

      I’m a Female Supremacist, I don’t believe in “Masters”. 😉

      What do you mean by “sissygasms”? My slave does get to cum, if that’s what you mean.

      I do humiliate him in the public. Our relationship is 24/7/365, meaning that there is NEVER a time to be someone outside of our life-roles. I’m always a Mistress and My slave is always a pathetic slave. If he does something stupid in the public then I will react to it in some manner that may turn out to be humiliating for him. I never hide My controlling and dominant personality. If, for example, we go shopping then he has to deal with the fact that any random person who will happen to be near us will see Me pointing finger and telling him what to do. I also love to accentuate on every occasion that I’m a liberated Woman living a penis-free lifestyle. I often wear a necklace with the key to his chastity on My neck, call him names, and make some funny remarks regarding his status. So that you can easily tell that My slave is not getting any Pussy. 😉 he absolutely hates it, as he likes to be a proud male, proud of what a beautiful Wife he has.

      I’m far from being a loud, obnoxious person, however. Believe it or not I am very sweet with a very feminine voice and any humiliation done by Me doesn’t necessarily seem vulgar. 😉

      And the last question is a complete mystery to Me. I have no clue what you mean. 😉

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      1. I will rephrase Anya’s question. What will happen if he loses his utility and is no longer able to serve you (ex. old age, permanent injury, unemployment etc)? or, under what circumstances he will be replaced, and if so, what will happen to him?

        In one of your older posts, back when he had vanilla time, you told him that you love him as a slave. Do you still love him as a slave at this point? and since he doesn’t have vanilla time any more, would he know that?

        Also, would you consider writing more about your interactions with him outside of your house in detail, like in public, or during social events.

        What advice you would offer for men who value and cherish their independence and autonomy, while still would like to explore submission fantasies without giving away complete control over their lives permanently? or Would you consider this question meaningless?.. I’m asking for a “friend” :-p (not really, I’m asking for myself)


  12. Dear Mistress Rebecca,

    I read with great interest your post regarding the house rules which your slave has to abide by.

    In that post, you mention that your slave’s breakfast typically includes your leftovers, and that he has to consume them while on his fours, and only with his mouth.

    I was just wondering, Mistress Rebecca, whether this is really safe for your slave? Being on fours, most bodies are slightly sloped, and instead being at a lower level than the mouth where the food can travel down, the the stomach is usually at a higher level due to the length of the legs.

    How does your slave swallow the food in this case?

    Slaveboy Lucas


    1. I couldn’t find a real issue in his eating. Everything is fine each time. My slave picks up the food from the bowl on the floor, then he brings his head up a bit in order to chew it and swallow. And so on.


      1. Dear Mistress Rebecca,

        Many thanks for your reply.

        I have always had issues with swallowing while eating on fours, so much that I do not do it anymore. For me to swallow my food properly, I have to straighten my arms until my head is at a more elevated position than my stomach, before I am able to swallow my food properly.

        Slaveboy Lucas


  13. Look at all the LARPing devotees you have! At least a dozen freaks. The blind leading the blind.

    I see cases like this all the time. In my spare time I search the web for weak personalities like you desperately finding an alternative universe to retreat to.


      1. I used to be “weak” many years ago until I got better. Saddens me to see otherwise good people go astray.


      2. It sounds all very mysterious. You mean you were one of those internet masturbators fantasizing about femdom? And have you at least now managed to find a partner? It doesn’t seem like a “better” life if you still have so much time to go on other people’s blogs and bashing them for who they are lol


  14. My “weakness” was something else, although it shared many characteristics to the weakness of this cabal here, so I have some insight into this.

    Yes, I am blessed with some spare time to research blogs of the Enemy.

    Fair warning: this lifestyle will be your and your husband’s ruin. The continual faking of who you are to your family, neighbors and work colleagues, and the ever-present need for more extreme sensual experiences to feel the same rush as before – these never end well.

    The longer you are in – the longer the time needed to deprogram. When recalled, memories of sensual experiences will recreate some (though never completely all) of the same dopamine rush, often many years later.

    It is never too late to turn away.


  15. Hi Mistress!!!
    I am 25 and have a slave/boyfriend that is 22. We have been living together for over a year. I have allowed my 19 year old sister to babysit him about once a week. My question is, when do you think it is appropriate for a female to physically punish a male? I want to give my sister permission to punish my slave, but I am not sure if it is appropriate.
    Mistress Jessie


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